About Us

About Us

“We sync with your thoughts, and bring you with long-term values.”




Create Tech established the business management solutions as the Local Innovation and We have theperfect solution andproviding timely, quality service.

Create Tech offers and cultivates the most effective, user-friendly and reliable business management systems to facilitate the development of all industries and sectors in the community. (Service coverage: for industries)

To enhance the efficiency of the operations, fully utilize the human resources and make time profitable, a series of solutions for Retail Management, Accounting Management, Trading Management, Wholesales Management and Financial Management are provided.

Create Tech as the Enterprise Solutions Specialist

Nowadays, SMEs in Hong Kong apply technology only for emails, administrative work, and database. This is not the useful application of IT to raise business value. For example, there is a lack of workflow system, customer relationship management (CRM) system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, knowledge management system, point of sales (POS) system, etc. …… Some solutions and services can improve or set up websites for cross-country trading, online retail, social media or mobile e-commerce. Hence, the enterprise will be more productive and competitive.”
(Hong Kong Economic Journal, March 2016)


In the era of technology, Enterprise Resource Planning is indispensable to the management, which can assist you to analyze and make crucial decisions according to the most updated information instantly. Without the information system, people may still struggle with the complicated but avoidable problems.

Create Tech always targets to have enhancements with the clients and serves for the clients with ‘Effective, Reliable & Professional’ services.

Effective Systems

To accelerate the business development, our systems can effectively facilitate the operations, including production, purchasing, sales, inventory, accountancy and human resources management.

In addition, our clients can access the systems anytime and from anywhere via the Internet, which is the most convenient way to handle all the businesses around the world.

With the organizing systems, users can avoid consuming unnecessary time and resources to tackle the problems so as to boost its efficiency and competitiveness.

Professional Services

Create Tech constructs the systems to serve with professional and creative ideas to enhance the competitiveness of the business. Also, Create Tech shares the fast pace with the clients in order to satisfy the rapid transformations.

On the top of that, the system specialists get thorough understanding of the workflow or business process to build up the tailor-made systems for the clients. Thus, using the management system, our clients successfully boost its efficiency and establish a professional image to its customers.

Our solutions help businesses around the world

Increase Revenue

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Build Loyalty

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Reach New Customers

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Our Visions

We aim to provide the best enterprise solutions that bring you with long-term values. By solving existing problems, management processes can be more efficient and resources are well-allocated. As a result, revenue will definitely increase continuously in the long run.




Make your business success is our ultimate goal.


Our enterprise solutions are the best because we understand what you think.


We care about your business, we assist for your success.


We provide solutions to construct the path for your success.