Continuous Development

Graphs, flow charts and hardware installation of the systems are preserved for the continuous enhancement of the competitiveness.


Training Workshops

Training workshops and demonstrations are given by the specialists to ensure the users can fully utilize all the benefits of the systems. Operations of different departments are co-ordinated at the same time.


Technical Support and Maintenance

To tackle your obstacles, it is suggested informing us the problems via fax or emails.

Print out the details like serial numbers of the products, date of purchase, information about the computer system like version and other information shown on the screen. Installation, maintenance and remote technical support via phone lines and the Internet are provided to the clients.

The security of the system is protected with data backup and other utilities like firewall, anti-virus software and backup electricity.

Branches were established in the Mainland to provide technical support and maintenance services.

Welcome to our Customer Service Centre during the office hours.

Enquiries: (852) 2344 8890
Fax NO.: (852) 2382 2472
Email Address: Support email address
Address: 23/F., New Trend Centre, 704 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, Kln., H. K.



Please fill in the guarantee form after purchase and fax or email to us. With the record, services like consultation, technical support and system analysis are provided. News about the latest products will update to you.

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