CTS-Distribution manages transactions among Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Accounting for facilitating the development of the wholesales industry. The workflow is clearly directed to handle with all the transactions and financial issues effectively. With the system, people no longer have to struggle with the complicated problems but concentrate on its business and successfully establish its professional image.

Selected Features

Industry Focus

  • Food (Frozen meat)
  • Alcoholic drinks (Red wine, beers)
  • Electronics (Components, parts)
  • Trading (Import/Export)


Systematic & Accurate

  • Detail records of inventory, e.g. Stock kind, stock type, brand, model/ serial NO., size, balance, range of prices, cost and bar code.
  • Automatically balance the account. It cannot be saved and warning will be released if the account is imbalance.
  • Automatically update the balance when the transactions take place.
  • Update the progress of the Purchase Order and trace back the past pricing and deals with the vendor.
  • Warning system to check with the credit values of clients
  • Preset the rights for every user and every company
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-currency, multi-user access, multi-unit, multi-price…


Efficient and Convenient

  • Automatically generate the data of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable from Sales and Purchases.
  • Check the locations and available quantity of the stocks.
  • Bilingual System



  • Format various types of Financial Analysis Reports, e.g. Trading and Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Expenses Report etc. for financial forecast, budget control and all kinds of analysis.



  • Range of prices can be preset for different clients and the discounts can be calculated.