While the rental cost and operation cost has been continuously increasing as the heavy inflation burden, the competition become much more vigorous. The existing problem cannot be solved by manual anymore, you need more accurate analysis to save cost, you need to computerize your operation and you need an I.T. solution. That’s why CTS-POShop was developed. CTS-POShop is an all-in-one FAST-EASY solution for purchase, sales, inventory and analysis, which just require basic hardware configuration.

Selected Features


  • Multi-user login security.
  • Consistence control of stock from Good Receive, Transfer between Warehouse, Sales and Sales Return.
  • Calculate, check and print the daily Sales Report and the subtotal of a certain payment method.
  • Over 40 analysis reports.
  • Comprehensive user rights and access control for individual user and function.
  • Wide variety of payment method.
  • Support Barcode Reader for fast and accurate data capture.
  • Can handle multiple [Retail Invoice] windows at the same time. Allow cashier to prioritize and complete urgent transactions. Greatly reduce customer’s queue and waiting time.

Product Function

  • Retail store management.
  • Scan or input product code will auto retrieve product details, price and stock level. Default sales quantity will be 1.
  • Can handle up to 3 payment type for one transaction. Real-time update inventory level.
  • ‘Day End’ process to summarize, calculate, verify and analyze daily transactions. Provide daily sales analysis report.
  • Handle goods receive note (GRN), inventory adjustment and transfer in/out.
  • Provide sales and stock movement analysis reports.


Create Tech Software provide total solution for CTS-POShop, on-site installation, hardware implementation, on-site training programme and hotline support services. With this integrated solution, you need not to worry anything about the system because it have been running in many big retail chain store for many years.