What is Deep-Monitor?

Deep-Monitor is a Digital Message Recorder for recording mail and chatting messages pass through the Internet or Intranet; we call it “ D igital M essage R ecorder” or “ DMR ” .

Deep-Monitor consists of two modules.

  1. The Deep-Monitor DMR is designed to automatically record all mail and chat messages.
  2. The Deep-Monitor Manager includes a mail administrator function. The administrator function supports the system to manage and control mail and message passing with I/O approve, just like an automatic electronic document message login and control systems.

The advantages of Deep-Monitor

  1. Backup – Automatically backs up your incoming and outgoing emails. If the mail server or computer hard disk crashes you still have a backup on Deep-Monitor.
  2. Report – Analyze and report on individual and group mail usage and contents. The report can be set up to run by day, week, month or user specified times.
  3. Search – Search and retrieve mails based on day, week, month, senders name, receivers name, subjects etc.
  4. Archive Data – Automatically backup emails and online chats to CDs for archive purposes. Archiving may be scheduled on a regular basis (hour, day, week and month etc).

What are Deep-Monitor Manager advantages?

Email and Chat traffic is under the administrator’s control.

Why do we need to use Deep-Monitor?

  1. Safety – automatically back up emails and online chats, no accidental loss.
  2. Security – Monitor your incoming and outgoing official emails and chat messages.
  3. Efficiency – Monitor staff effectiveness from report analysis.
  4. Managment – Allows the administrator to control incoming and outgoing messages.

What is the difference between Deep-Monitor and spy software?

Spy software only monitors a single computer, whilst Deep-Monitor is based on Sniffer technology to monitor all mail and online chat traffic on a network.

What is the difference between Deep-Monitor and a mail server?

A mail server only monitors mails passing through the local server; Deep-Monitor monitors all mail and online chat traffic on a network.

What are Deep-Monitor's hardware requirements?

  1. PC systems (486 Or 586)
  2. DOM – to store OS and software
  3. Hard Disk
  4. CD ROM writer
  5. Watchdog card

Why does Deep-Monitor use a PC?

  1. PCs support CD writer and hard disks.
  2. Can easily add additional devices as needed.

Who will use Deep-Monitor?

Companies, Government departments, Schools, Banks etc. (Some organizations may need more than one system.)

Is Deep-Monitor easy to install?

  1. Yes, just plug and play.
  2. Knowing better network administrator is better, so can find right location to install Deep-Monitor to monitor emails and chats.

Elements of network monitor

Wiretap the data transfer from network – use devices that plug into computer networks and eavesdrop on the network traffic. Deep-Monitor listens to data packets from network and analysis monitoring and finds out whether it is an email or chat message to store up in hard disk to prepare for backup and report.

What are the Protocols of email and online chat?

Email transfer in network must use standard protocols for packet data – The protocols for emails are SMTP, MIME, POP and IMAP . ICQ, MSN instant message services both have their own protocols (We will prepare detailed technical information for international distributor).

Why Deep-Monitor use embedded Linux?

  1. Low cost and high performance (can be smaller size)
  2. Open source code is easier to debug.