Mega-Account™ Enterprise

Mega-Account™ Financial Management System

Mega-Account™ is a breakthrough of accounting which integrated account departments all over the world with Internet. Concentrate on managing and analyses financial performance, thereby, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of financial management. You could make a better financial decision and fully utilize your resources.

Mega-Account™ Special Features

Voucher Confirmation
Validity of a voucher is very important, that’s why a voucher has to be confirmed, and otherwise, it must not be counted in all kinds of report so as to reflect the truth.

Analysis Report
In stead of basic accounting report like account voucher, daily, detail , balance sheet, profit and loss, Mega-Account™provide a freedom for management to tailor make report according to the specific needs, e.g. expenses report, cash flow report, and compared by yearly/monthly. All reports could export to other document format and preview on screen that help management to produce other analysis report like budget plan.

Cash Book
Record all chaotic small amount operation cost in enterprise, like transportation. According to the expenses entered by the users, record one by one, automatically generates voucher and monthly reports.

Bank Reconciliation
According to the bank monthly statement, users could directly compare multiple bank account cash flow and figure out differences between transactions to adjust correspondingly, e.g. bank charge, interest income, rejected cheque , outstanding income/ cheque . System could reflect the real-time capital movement and help to enforce the financial control management.

Fixed Assets Management
Targeted on solving the problem of fixed assets investment, e.g. buying, depreciation, revaluation, amortization and selling. Enterprise would invest different assets at different situations, like building, office, warehouse, vehicles, decoration or office accessories. The cost varies as time change, we must find out the true value to calculate the right price. System could follow the preset rules, using different rating and calculation method to figure out every assets depreciate price, and generate appropriate voucher. Eventually could increase the efficiency of handling assets.

Budget Management
Providing a easy access budget management, users could preset the allocation of operation budget corresponding to the chart of account, managing each account budget could effectively control the whole enterprise and rule out a right adjustment quickly.

Through an integration of multiple accounts, senior management could plan a comprehensive and accurate financial management policy by different consolidate rating and export to a fine data sheet.


Real-time access
Without the differences of time zone and the inconvenience of traffic, customers could access the up to date finance information at everywhere in the world with simply an Internet.

Quick access
Simply controlling with keyboard, graphical interface and multi-windows. Beginners are capable to pick up in minutes. Systematic workflow could minimize the typing mistakes and rise up job efficiency.

Manage multi-company and infinity yearly account without month-end and year-end.

Account enquiry
Account Enquiry to access the account description instantly; investigate any typing mismatch or other differences quickly.

Comprehensive analysis
Analysis with ten criteria and conditions by allocating the ten levels account code. Management could interpret different financial performance by various combinations of account levels, showing sub-total and grant total and grouping different account vouchers by the formation of chart of account. Automated system provides a clear status of the whole enterprise.

Multi-access authorization
Manager could rule out 3 types of security level which permit them read, add, modify, print and delete the records. Individual user has different access right for particular voucher types. Each of the account has an individual password ensure that the information is safe.

System consistency, shield
In order to avoid accounting difference and wrong calculation, system administrator could lock up the valuable entry by setting a lock date that do not allow users to modify, add or delete.

Auto-balance voucher
System automatically checks the credit/debit balance; un-savable and prompt the user if violating.

For producing an accurate and analytical report, system would auto post all values after save the voucher.

Standard Voucher
Users could preset some vouchers that produced monthly of periodically, e.g. water bills, electricity bills, salary and all kinds of income/expenditures. Auto generation of monthly voucher could definitely reduce time of data entry.