Customer Loyalty Management


“Get Closer to Your Customers”

In today’s era of market-oriented, businesses must increase customer satisfaction, the customer was able to maintain, thus increasing company profits. Mega-Member™ through a full range of membership management solutions to enhance effective interaction between business and customer value, reduce marketing costs and increase the profits arising from potential customers, and can fully meet the retail and trade-industry “customer-oriented” of service, the rapid establishment of long-term relationship of mutual trust with our customers to achieve business and customer win-win situation

Special Features

Create Tech Software provide total solution for Mega-Member™, on-site installation, hardware implementation, on-site training programme and hotline support services.
With this integrated solution, you need not to worry anything about the system because it have been running in many big retail chain store for many years.

Real-time Access

Without geographical or time constraints, simply connect the system via the Internet and through a central database, member information will be addressed immediately. Particularly applicable to multi-retail shop of the enterprise, enhance the interaction between enterprise and customer efficiency.

Quick Access

Simply controlling with keyboard, graphical interface and multi-windows. Beginners are capable to pick up in minutes. Systematic workflow could minimize the typing mistakes and rise up job efficiency.

Multi-access Authorization

Manager could rule out 3 types of security level which permit them read, add, modify, print and delete the records. Individual user has different access right for particular voucher types. Each of the account has an individual password ensure that the information is safe.


Member Points management concentrated in the central office will provide better monitoring, not only to protect the rights and interests of members, a more comprehensive understanding of the various members of the situation.

Perfect Membership System

Multi-level membership system, each member can be independently set different levels of conditions, it provides high flexibility and high freedom.

Detailed Member Information

Through membership data management function, users can fully understand the basic information about membership, contact information and shopping records. Also provides the reasons of blacklist and members receive information functions, detailed analysis of what our members want.

Flexible Membership Benefits

According to different goods, brand, type, model, and various promotional period, users can single or batch adjust the price of different grades of membership by themselves, it can setup different promotional activities.

Predominate Member Information

Users can instantly see all of the shopping records of members, including the shopping date, time, selection of goods, consumption amount. system can automatically calculate the points-obtained at the same time. Clear grasp of the members of the shopping habits.

Variety of Membership Card Service

A main card with three subsidiary Card, points can be accumulated together with the whole family. Card services include card-lost, card-refilled, card-change, etc.

Member Image File Optimization

The users can setup the various image file of the whole year of advertising to print on the membership card by using “Rewrite Card”, also can set up the image files for lucky-draw winner and member birthday. It can meet various festivals and promotional activities.

Flexible Adjustment

According to different levels of membership, users can set different ratio to exchange the bonus points and can set the number of days can be converted points. Also according to different conditions and the contribution of members, users can flexible to adjust the points and grade of membership, so that member can be respected and rewarded.

Disengaged Transfer

The main card holder can be transferred bonus points freely to other main card holder, so that members enjoy high freedom and make full use of bonus points.

Additional Benefits

According to different membership grades, users can single or bulk to set a specific commodity during the promotion period has an additional reward benefits , it can be provide effective consumer motivation and increase the membership sales.

Multiples Shopping

The user can customize the birthday bonus points, but also can gain the extra rewards and multiples bonus points if the members shopping in the birthday month, so that members can enjoy high status, well-respected the feeling and then stimulate the consumption.

Lucky Draw

According to different membership levels, users can set up different lucky draw formula. This setting will be available in all retail shops and at all levels of members of an independent calculation; Lucky draw winner will gain additional bonus points, it will incentive to encourage members to continue to shopping.

All Kinds of Analysis

Format various types of Membership Analysis Reports provided, including multiple rating reports and preview function and can be exported to other formats (PDF file or EXCEL file) to help users analyze shopping habits of members and keep back existing customer, introduction of effective policies to attract more customers.