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Real-time POS System Manages

“Simplify the Complexity”

Facing vigorous competition among retail shops and chain department stores, information systems and solutions like Point of Sales (POS), retail management software, retail software system become a very important factor to success. Assorting with our pre-sales consultation and analysis, Mega-Retail helps solving different complex problems in retail business accordingly.

Selected Features



How POS system help in fake product

Our POS system has a unique feature called Stock Pool which could collect all identity number in advance, it supports IMEI and Serial No. Control. Once the barcode reader scans the serial no., the system could automatically match with all serial no. belonging to your company. Frontier could easily identify the genuineness that could protect the reputation of the brand name and your company. Furthermore, you could save the cost for training staff in identifying fake products.


Real-time Access

Real-time business analysis helps responding to the market instantly.

High flexibility

The structure allows system to further develop with your desirable needs and plans.

Central control

All the operation procedures are centralized and systemized, so as to facilitate the collaboration between departments.


Remote management

You can master data without restrictions by location or time.

Time saving

It is easy-to-use to shorten transaction time and operation time.




Inventory Management

Check Inventory Efficiently

Keep stock up-to-date

Avoid overstocking or out of stock

Manage stock transfer and restock items

Trace goods easily

Merchandise Management

Record from quotation, sales order to delivery

Integrate all operational processes



Balance inventory and sales effectively

Wholesale Management

Build quotation, sales memo, invoice, etc.

Integrate wholesale and retail management

Optimize resources and assets

Ensure on-time and accurate order fulfillment


Retail Management

Consolidate various retail frontend management

Coordinate all retail shops

Process returns and exchange items quickly

Integrate with promotion and coupon management

Adjust price with real-time and centralized database

Process multiple invoices at the same time

Reduce transaction time

Enhance retail efficiency

Accounting and Financial Management

Able to combine with the financial management system- Mega-Account™

Integrate the management of general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable

Provide accurate data analysis

Understand operational situation

Logistic Management

Set up car team

Master logistics routes

Generate delivery note manually

Schedule and update for delivery

Let the retail service more effective

Membership Management

Able to combine with member management system- Mega-Member™

Understand customers’ background and interests

Manage member segments, pricing, and points integration

Enhance interactions with customers

Trace purchasing behaviors

Specialize promotional strategies for members


Analysis Reports

Look up sales data for every shops
Build analysis reports easily
Analyze data with various perspectives
Facilitate speedy decision making

Additional Features

Quick tools
Users access control
Fast search
Integration with barcode reader
Global synchronization of information
Communication tool ‘Live Chat’ and ‘Announcement’
Printing (invoice, goods transfer receipt, analysis report, etc.)
Multiple currencies
Multiple payment methods
Multiple languages